Amaryllis bulbs


With its lush, velvety leaves, red amaryllis is well known to many gardeners and is an especially popular plant of choice during the Christmas season. Amaryllis, or Hippeastrum, is more than just a beautiful plant for displaying inside your home though; plant it in a pot and come summertime it can be moved out into the garden or onto the terrace. As it originates from a warmer climate, this species cannot tolerate spending winter outside in the harsh elements. However, if planted in a container or pot you can move your amaryllis back inside your house once the seasons begin to change again. Very easy!

Amaryllis for sale online

Amaryllis for sale online in our webshop. As well as the red flowering variety they are so well known for; there are many other colours of amaryllis bulbs for sale online. Did you know they are also available in yellow, pink, orange, purple and white? Adorn your home or garden with their large and wonderfully exotic flowers. You can collect the bulbs in October and put them away in a cool, dark place without water or fertiliser for two months. Once they start to show new shoots, you can start watering them again. Come mid-May; the plants can be returned outside. Do not possess green fingers? Then buy your new bulbs in November or December online via our website.

Amaryllis bulbs

Buy amaryllis bulbs and plant them in pots as soon as they arrive. If you choose to buy loose bulbs for planting, you need to make sure that you also choose the right size pot for them. There must be about one to two fingers of space between the bulbs, so they have room to grow. You can also buy amaryllis bulbs in a special coloured jacket to create a beautiful decoration for that special place in your living room.