Hyacinth bulbs


Hyacinths are true heralds of spring. Their clusters of small, curly flowers are beautiful and stately. When Hyacinths are fully in bloom, they spread a wonderful fragrance through the garden. This spring bloomer likes to be in the sun but also does well in semi-shady conditions. Plant all flower bulbs in well-drained garden soil to prevent rot.


Hyacinth is suitable for the border or a pot. They are also great for the cutting garden, providing beautiful cut flowers. As a cut flower: when you cut the flower on the bulb, leave a little piece of the bulb on the stem. This way, the flower can better absorb water, and you can enjoy them for a longer period. Take care to refresh the water in the vase regularly. A tiny drop of chlorine or special flower food allows the flowers to bloom even longer.

Hyacinth bulbs

Hyacinth bulbs are spring flowering. As a rule, plant all spring flowering bulbs in autumn so that they bloom in spring. You can create a patchwork of colour by planting Hyacinth bulbs together with other spring flowering bulbs. Combine with late flowering tulips to extend the flowering season.

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