Bird net

Bird netting for sale online UK

Bird netting for sale online in the UK. Protect your garden, fruit trees and shrubs from birds. A good bird net, also called anti-bird netting, is indispensable to protect crops from birds. Birds love all sorts of berries, fruit and vegetables that can be found in the garden. Covering plants, shrubs and trees with a bird net prevents birds from eating all of your crops or seeds and seedlings. Cover low growing fruit plants, such as strawberries, blueberries and various vegetables, by creating a 'cage' with the netting, so that these too are well protected. Buy different types and sizes of bird net in our online webshop for optimal protection.

Bird Netting for garden?

Bird netting for the garden. Which one to choose? To buy the right bird net or bird net accessories, you must first determine what you need it for. Do you wish to cover plants, shrubs or a tree? Or do you need to create a tent with the bird netting? Once this is clear, you can quickly figure out how much netting you need. When unrolling the net, ensure that the centre of the net is placed at the crown of the bush or tree. Then cover the tree or bush loosely and tie the points together at the trunk of the tree with a rope or a tie-wrap. Make sure that you leave no openings. Birds are very clever and can find their way through the smallest openings.