Hollyhock plants


Hollyhocks are traditionally found in English country and cottage gardens. But this lofty bloomer will prove an ideal choice for city gardens as well. Plant it in a border or along a wall, but keep in mind this biennial loves the sun. Even in limited space next to a fence or shed, hollyhocks are fine as long as they get enough sunlight. Its Latin name is Alcea rosea. The beautiful flowers it produces will attract lots of butterflies to your yard. They are available in many different colours to suit your garden. Place them in a vase to create a lovely floral display. They make excellent cut flowers. Hollyhock can be used for various homeopathic remedies. By brewing tea from the dried flower heads, it is claimed that it can combat many common ailments; from bronchitis and throat infections to stomach and intestinal complaints. But this is not officially proven.

Hollyhocks for sale online UK

Hollyhocks are for sale online in the UK in our webshop. We offer ready-to-plant garden plants and also sell seeds that you can sow yourself. As a member of the mallow family, once Alcea rosea is established it will prove difficult to transplant should you wish to move it. You are better off sowing new seeds or to purchase an entirely new plant. The good news is once this lofty bloomer is happily established in your garden, it will often spontaneously re-seed, providing you with a lot of new seedlings. Hollyhock is for sale in our online webshop.