Bamboo plants for sale online

Bamboo plants for sale online. If you want to bring a touch of the Orient to your garden, why not buy a bamboo plant online today? Bamboo adds a bit of mystery to the garden, as the blades of grass rustle in the breeze, imparting a sense of peace and tranquillity. It is best to theme your entire garden around the bamboo, or you could plant it as a solitary feature in a prominent place. Some bamboo species are known for roots that are sharp and strong, allowing you to prune and propagate them easily. You also need to take extra care when choosing the position of your bamboo around your pond. Be sure to place a few paving stones between the bamboo and your pond or pick a suitable root limiter so that the roots cannot damage the pond liner. If you do not have the luxury of so much space in your garden, opt for a bamboo species that does not grow overly large. You can also plant it in a box or tub to create a nice oriental decoration for the terrace, balcony or roof garden. Or why not use your bamboo to make a garden partition, as it will grow quickly into a lovely green hedge providing you with plenty of privacy.

Planting bamboo outdoors

Planting bamboo outdoors means it is going to thrive best in a somewhat milder climate. There are even bamboo species that do well in frost conditions. Treat your outdoor bamboo just like grass and prune it whenever you wish. It will quickly regrow fresh, green shoots again. An outdoor bamboo plant is not usually susceptible to fungus or disease either.