Beech hedge

Beech hedge for sale online

Beech hedge for sale online to create your very own beautiful, leafy partition. Plant them as a boundary for a flower bed, a vegetable patch or herb garden, or even use it as a garden fence. If you own a larger garden why not consider creating a deciduous walkway? Bending beech hedging over either side of a path to create a connection between a terrace and building looks stunning. The possibilities are truly only limited by your imagination. Choosing from either the red or green hornbeam will ensure that you always have a vibrant colour to accentuate your garden. You can even create a playful patterned effect by alternating between the two species. The main difference between them is during winter this hedge plant holds onto its withering leaves better than hornbeam, making your hedge look fuller for longer.

Prune beech hedge

The best time to prune beech hedge is between June until the end of August. Make sure you prune your hedge at least once a year, preferably on a cloudy day to help prevent the leaves from burning. It is ok to prune more often than this though, as frequent pruning will encourage new leaves to grow and make your hedge appear thicker and fuller. Prune your hedges into a conical shape, i.e., narrower at the top and increasing in width at the bottom. In this way, the entire hedge will receive sufficient sunlight and grow its foliage evenly. Buy beech hedge conveniently in our online garden plant webshop.