Boxwood for sale online

Boxwood for sale online in our webshop. Otherwise known as Buxus Sempervirens, boxwood is a popular, easy-care garden plant that stays green all year round. Perhaps you would prefer a boxwood hedge that flowers? Then choose the Ligustrum Ovalifolium which produces beautiful blooms during June, July and August. Both types of boxwood are best planted during the winter months. Not only are they beautiful when used as a yard fence, but also as a border for your lawn, flower bed or vegetable garden. You can prune the 'box-tree' into almost any shape or height you want, whether it is a low hedge or into a special shape like a sphere. If you are feeling creative, you can even try your hand at pruning this evergreen plant into more challenging shapes such as animals or people. A good example of this is the well-known gardens of Versailles, in which this easy-to-prune plant is on display in special forms and patterns. Buy boxwood plants in our webshop today, where you will also find the correct products to care for them as well.

Boxwood hedge for sale online

Boxwood hedge for sale online in our webshop. Whether you need a few bushes or wish to buy a complete hedge: we stock only the very best quality plants and can supply you with the right products to properly care for them. Consider our 100% natural boxwood fertiliser, which will keep your hedge a nice green colour and ensure the soil conditions are just right. A fungicide is also indispensable to protect against diseases and maintain a beautiful, healthy garden. Boxwood hedge is for sale online our webshop.