Clematis for sale online

Clematis for sale online in our webshop, there truly is something to suit everyone. If you want a hardy, evergreen climber then choose Clematis Armandii or ‘apple blossom’; glowing a pale pink from March to the end of May, its fragrant flowers can reach a height of up to 4 metres. Clematis Montana blooms from April to June. This species is also hardy but loses its leaves during winter. Or consider the beautiful purple-white flowers of the ‘Taiga’; appearing like it is covered in spines, it truly has a distinctive look among this species. Clematis are popular climbers which can be planted against a wall, fence, or even trained to grow over a pergola. Spreading naturally, its shoots will attach themselves readily to your mesh or trellis.

Pruning Clematis

Pruning Clematis is not necessary, but it will help you keep your climber in check and even help stimulate it to re-flower. You can often cut it back to about 30 centimetres above the ground after the first year. As a result, more shoots will appear at the bottom of the plant, giving your climber a fuller look. When cutting it back, remember that you always prune just above a bud (where leaves are growing, or are beginning to form). Regarding pruning, a Clematis can belong to three different groups, so make sure you research which ones you put in your garden and how to properly care for them. Clematis is for sale online in our climbing plants webshop.