Oleander for sale online UK

Oleander for sale online in the UK in our container plant webshop. Originally from the Mediterranean, the Nerium oleander is a member of the periwinkle family. It grows well in English gardens. Though not a hardy shrub, it is easy to care for and stays green throughout the winter. Just remember to bring this beautiful bloomer inside once the winter frost arrives. Pruning oleander is not necessary. And given sunshine, warmth and nutrition this flowering bush simply thrives. Prune the long branches whenever you like but remember to wear gloves because of the poisonous sap. This lovely container plant will produce beautiful flowers from July to September and attract many bees and butterflies, drawing an abundance of life to your garden. Buy oleander that blossoms in pink, red or white to add a beautiful colourful accent to your garden.

Oleander available online

Buy your oleander online from mid-October to mid-June, as this is the best time of the year to plant this shrub. As soon as this beautiful plant begins flowering, you will no longer need to transplant it. Has the pot or container become too small? Then March is the ideal time to replant your plants. Ensure you wear gloves whenever you are working with it though, as all parts of this beautiful bloomer are poisonous. Only faded and withered flowers are safe to remove by hand. Oleanders are an asset to your garden and are for sale online in the UK in our webshop.