Oramental Grass

Ornamental grass

Ornamental grass provides year-round colour and garden interest as well as provide much-needed structure. Did you know that Bamboo is also technically a grass? Whichever variety you choose; all of them are tough perennials. Some grow bright plumes, or interesting flowers and all species have attractive foliage. Grasses prefer a sunny garden area in which to thrive, but some varieties prefer shade or semi-shady conditions. They are also excellent container plants. When planting, pay attention to the size of the pot for planting. Choose a container that matches the size of the grass once matured. In the garden, give ornamental grass enough room to grow out into a lovely plant. Plant them in large groups for a spectacular effect or use as a feature plant (Pampas Grass for example), to show off their magnificent plumes. Grasses combine beautifully with brightly coloured flowering perennials such as Verbena or Helenium. Plant them in rock gardens, alongside pond edges or in tropical garden area’s that receive much sun. Whatever you do – with grasses you can enjoy a beautiful, colourful border year round.

Ornamental grass for sale

Ornamental grass is for sale online in our webshop. You can easily order online 24 hours a day. There are many different varieties to choose from online. Whether you are looking for a large ornamental grass to screen off parts of your garden, or plants for a container garden or to add interest to an existing flower border. Browse through the website and choose the type that best suits your garden.