Peonies for sale online

Peonies for sale online. Peonies are gorgeous flowers guaranteed to bring a touch of romance to your garden. Its large pink and red spherical blooms are automatically reminiscent of the classic English cottage garden. Peonies enjoy a gentle breeze and plenty of sunlight, preferring to be in the sun all day long (although partial shade is ok as well). Make sure there are no large bushes positioned around it though to rob it of its sunlight. Peonies do not like to have their roots in wet, soggy ground, so make sure you choose a position in the garden where the soil is well-drained. Plant them in a deep hole and ensure they have ample space, assuming each plant will need about one square metre to grow. Leave them in this position, and once they are established, watch the blooms begin to multiply as you enjoy their beautiful flowers year after year.


Peony is well suited for use as a cut flower. Whether displayed in a field bouquet or a beautiful vase, peony is an asset to the kitchen table and will bring a burst of summer colour to your home. You can even place some flowers in a bowl of water to create a floating floral display. That is an excellent decorative choice for any interior.

Buying peonies

Buying peonies is both quick and easy through our online webshop. Come and browse the different varieties available to you; buy your peonies with a single or double row of petals, or with a brilliant anemone display in the centre of the flower.

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Do you want to buy peony? Then come and browse our webshop today for the plant that best fits your garden. You can select from a wide variety of peonies in many different colours including pink, salmon pink, red, white, yellow or even mixed. There are plenty of choices available!