0.7L Handy All'interno Annaffiatoio Verde - Haws

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0.7L Handy All'interno Annaffiatoio Verde - Haws
Another jewel from the Haws family... Watering the small flower pots on the patio table is a struggle with a large watering can. But it’s no longer so, because now we have discovered these small colourful watering cans. They are made of recycled plastic and they are also very trendy thanks to their brass rose.  Product information: • Material: recycled plastic • Colour: green • Content: 0.7 l • Rose included • Weight 120 gr • Weight when full 800 gr • Height 12 cm • Diameter 11.5 cm • Filler hole: 7 x 3.5 cm  Tip: Do not leave the watering cans outside in winter, because they might freeze and burst.
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