3.5L Longreach Verde - Haws

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3.5L Longreach Verde - Haws
This is the original, famous Haws watering can. Because it is completely designed for practical uses, it keeps it slender yet functional design, which results into the fact that it is still popular after 120 years. The long spout will keep the can perfectly balanced, and is welded to the container. The filling area is higher than in modern day watering cans, so you can fill it with water easily, but it is harder for the water to get out at the top. Because of its long and slender design, you can easily fill it by scooping up water from your rainwater tank.   The can is made out of galvanised steel, and painted in a deep green color. Volume 3.5 liters, with a brass rose. Weight: 1520 grams
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