Falcetto diserbante Sneeboer

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Falcetto diserbante Sneeboer
The long handled stone scratcher and knife will certainly make the job of kneeling down to remove unwelcome weeds from paths and paving a thing of the past. It is a thankless task that doesn’t do much for your back and knees either. The ash handle measures 155 cm, the 8 cm pointed tine is capable of scratching out weeds from the smallest crevice, whilst the 9.5 cm long, 3 cm deep blade can be used to cut unwanted growth at the flick of a wrist. Don’t just concentrate on your paths however – this tool (173 cm overall length) also makes short work of weeds in walls and brickwork..   Product information Width of head: 2 cm Length of head: 17 cm Length of handle: 155 cm Number of spikes: 1 Length of spikes: 8 cm Type of tool: Ladies line, Stone Scratcher , Weeder Function of tool: Weed removal , Weeding
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