Forbici Forma professionale Cord morbida di compressione - Piccolo - Burgon and Ball

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Forbici Forma professionale Cord morbida di compressione - Piccolo - Burgon and Ball
A small version of the flagship of 1730. Hand-forged. Cuts very lightly. Suitable for light pruning: boxwood, yew, privet as well as lawns and topiary.   These sheep shears have been used for topiary and trimming boxwood for just as long as they have been used for sheep shearing. The shears are made of steel – one of the hardest metals used for tool creation – and will guarantee a lifetime of use. They are specially designed to use with your whole hand when cutting to avoid overburdening the fingers. The double arch in the spring makes them light to use and prevents overburdening the wrist.   For precise cutting like topiary.   Product information: • Blade length: 9 cm • Blade Width: 2.8 cm • Overall length: 22.5 cm • Material: Carbon steel   Maintenance: daily: Clean the shears with a dry cloth after each use to remove plant material. Then wipe down with an "oilcloth".   Once every six months: Clean the shears with a wire scrub brush, until the blades shine. Sharpen the scissors with a whetstone at an angle of 23 degrees. Remove any burrs from the blades after grinding at an angle of 0 to 5 degrees. Metal Oil will protect the shears against adverse weather conditions and allows them to work smoothly.
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