Leek Autumn Giant 3 Rami (Summer/Autumn) EKO

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Leek Autumn Giant 3 Rami (Summer/Autumn) EKO
Organically grown seeds. Market garden selection. A very early and quick growing summer and early autumn leek. Produces a medium green leek approx. 25 cm long which has good resistance. After harvesting can be stored for a fairly long time. Best sown in a greenhouse or in the garden in seedbeds up to mid May. Sow thinly. When the plants are a pencil’s thickness, transplant to a plant hole 18 cm deep. Allow the plant and roots to reach the bottom, and water a little. The plant hole fills up as the plant grows. * Organically grown seeds This seed is grown, cleaned and packaged according to the organic production method, which is recorded and monitored by the SKAL Foundation - No. 026 035 / NL-BIO-01.
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Tipo impianto: Vegetable seeds
Fiori nel mese di: Giugno, Luglio, Agosto
Mese di piantagione Aprile, Maggio
Mese pianta sotto vetro: Febbraio
Tipo di prodotto: Orto, Semi biologico, Semi
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