Lettuce Looseleaf Red Salad Bowl Seedtape EKO

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Lettuce Looseleaf Red Salad Bowl Seedtape EKO
Organically grown seeds • Seed tape is quick and easy. It is made from paper which dissolves in the soil. Lay the seed tape on a flat seedbed, wet it and cover with approx. 0,5 cm of soil. Thereafter, keep moist. A red and green looseleaf lettuce with oak leaf-shaped leaves. Salad Bowl has tender leaves that are yet somewhat crispy. It has a strong, slightly nutty flavour. Can be grown in a greenhouse (ventilate during warm weather) and can be sown directly in the garden as of mid March. Keep seeds cool in the summer. * Organically grown seeds This seed is grown, cleaned and packaged according to the organic production method, which is recorded and monitored by the SKAL Foundation - No. 026 035 / NL-BIO-01. 
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Tipo impianto: Vegetable seeds
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Mese di piantagione Marzo, Aprile, Maggio, Giugno, Luglio
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Altezza 10 - 40 cm
Tipo di prodotto: Orto, Semi biologico, Semi
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