Nido con la macchina fotografica e il suono, incl. 30 m. Cavo

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Nido con la macchina fotografica e il suono, incl. 30 m. Cavo
Watch fledgeling birds grow, and leave the nest with this birdhouse with colour camera (in a separate compartment). The colour camera has a thirty-metre cable with a TV connection. You can watch birds day and night while they brood, hatch, nurse and grow from the comfort of your home, without disturbing them. You can remove a portion of the front of the birdhouse after the nesting season, to use it as a feeder with camera. Feed tray is supplied.   The colour camera with LED lighting is located in a separate compartment, so you can access it without disturbing the birds. The camera is easy to remove (outside the nesting season) so you can hang it in a hedgehog house, for example. Small LED lights ensure that you can view the birds in the dark. The birds are not bothered by it. Unplug from the TV and the light is off.   Product information:   • Material: Oak • Plug and Play on TV • 30-metre cable • Colour Camera and infrared at night (black/white) • Includes 2 lenses - standard and wide • Large and small air hole (in-flight protector and without protector)   Extra information: - The flight opening is made to provide protection against squirrels and woodpeckers. - Hang the nest box with the gap facing north and south.   The flight opening can be made larger or smaller; the birdhouse can accommodate different types of birds. Hang the birdhouse in your place of choice to allow the birds to get used to it. Next spring a new family of birds may have turned it into their home.   Suitable for different types of birds: - Blue tits, wrens, black tits and marsh tits.   Without in-flight protector: larger tit species and sparrows Without front: robins, wagtails and grey flycatchers 
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