Robot Tagliaerba Sileno City 250 - Gardena

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The Robotic Lawnmower for small urban gardens up to 250 m²
Lawn care can be so easy and effortless, even in small urban gardens! With its SensorCut Systems, the GARDENA SILENO city mows your lawn accurately and reliably and delivers a clean cutting profile. You can enjoy both your free time and a perfectly manicured lawn. The SILENO city is suitable for small lawn areas of up to 250 square metres. It masters inclines of up to 25 percent and even manages narrow corridors and tight passageways without a problem. The swivelling rear wheel provides the robotic lawnmower with increased agility and manoeuvrability – perfect for small and narrow gardens. The new SILENO city is ready for operation on the lawn in any weather and is so quiet that it can hardly be heard. When it has finished, it automatically returns to the charging station. During installation, a programming assistant guides you through the menu and independently calculates the mowing plan. The mowing times can also be freely programmed. Therefore the Robotic Lawnmower is only in operation when you require it.

Perfectly manicured lawn
The precision blades cut the grass cleanly. And, thanks to the SensorCut System, the GARDENA SILENO city does not cause lawn stripes. The cutting-height adjustment can be carried out easily and without the use of tools.

Effortless enjoyment
Put up your feet and enjoy your garden! Your Robotic Lawnmower will deal with the lawn-cutting side of things. The fine cuttings remain on the lawn as a natural fertiliser. This promotes good growth and saves valuable time in which you can dedicate yourself to other things.

Easy installation
A programming assistant guides you through the intuitive menu and, following entry of the lawn size and preferred mowing times, independently calculates the mowing plan according to which the SILENO city operates. Complex calculations and programming are not required. The mowing plan can be slightly modified or adjusted when necessary.

Ideal for small lawn areas
The GARDENA SILENO city mows small lawn areas completely automatically, reliably, stripe-free and evenly. It manages narrow corridors and tight passageways without a problem. The charging station can also be set up flexibly with nearly no restrictions.

Easy cleaning guaranteed
The GARDENA SILENO city has been constructed so that simple spraying with the garden hose thoroughly frees housing, blades and wheels of dirt, dust and residual grass.

Maximum safety
The boundary wire determines the mowing area flexibly and yet reliably – ensuring that the Robotic Lawnmower only mows the areas specified. A highly sensitive collision sensor ensures that the Robotic Lawnmower is not bothered by garden obstacles. When the tool is lifted, the blades stop immediately, thus preventing injuries.

A PIN code ensures theft protection security.

Working area capacity: 250 m2
Typical charging time: 60 min.
Typical mow time on one charge: 65 min.
Measures: 55 x 38 x 23cm.
Weight: 7.3 kg.

Installation accessories
Loop wire: 150 m.
Staples: 200 pieces

Robot Tagliaerba Sileno City 250 - Gardena
Ottimo per giardini fino a 250 m2.
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