Rocket-salad, Wild Rocket Rocky EKO

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Rocket-salad, Wild Rocket Rocky EKO
Organically grown seeds. Wild rucola Rocky Wild has clearly finer leaves, is less prone to flowering and has a more pleasant, nutty flavour than the regular Rucola or even Pronto. A very attractive and fast growing variety. Can be cultivated in the winter months in large pots indoors. Sow directly in the soil in rows. Germinates quickly. Sow at intervals of 2 weeks to ensure for regular fresh harvests. Harvest the leaves once they are 10-15 cm long. A delicacy in salads and for example with cheese dishes. * Organically grown seeds This seed is grown, cleaned and packaged according to the organic production method, which is recorded and monitored by the SKAL Foundation - No. 026 035 / NL-BIO-01. 
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Tipo impianto: Vegetable seeds
Fiori nel mese di: Aprile, Maggio, Giugno, Luglio, Agosto, Settembre, Ottobre, Novembre, Gennaio, Febbraio, Marzo, Dicembre
Mese di piantagione Aprile, Maggio, Giugno, Agosto, Luglio
Mese pianta sotto vetro: Febbraio
Altezza 0 - 10 cm
Tipo di prodotto: Semi biologico, Semi, Anche all'interno
Pezzi per scatola 10000
Disponibile da 01/01 - 31/12