Telescopico Compound Lopper - Burgon and Ball

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Telescopico Compound Lopper - Burgon and Ball
Lopper with a high temperature hardened carbon steel blade and lightweight aluminium shafts and soft handles. The hard carbon blades retain their sharpness for a long tome, but can also easily be sharpened. Its unique design means that little force is required for cutting. The shears have an anvil and effortless through branches up to 4 cm thick.   Product information:   • Blade Length: 9.2 cm • Width: 4 cm • Total length: 48.5 cm extendable up to 80.5 cm • Material Carbon   Maintenance: daily: Clean the shears with a dry cloth after each use to remove plant material. Then wipe down with an "oilcloth".   Once every six months: Clean the shears with a wire scrub brush, until the blades shine. Sharpen the scissors with a whetstone at an angle of 23 degrees. Remove any burrs from the blades after grinding at an angle of 0 to 5 degrees. Metal Oil will protect the shears against adverse weather conditions and allows them to work smoothly.
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