Tomato Green Zebra

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Tomato Green Zebra
Green Zebra originates from 1985 and is also known as the "Striped Emerald Green". It produces emerald-green fruit with dark lemon coloured stripes. This lush plant is a heavy cropper and produces smaller round fruit weighing between 60-120 grams. It is ready for harvesting in around 75 days. The flesh is delectably fresh and crispy and the flavour is outstanding, in-between sweet and sour. Greenhouse cultivation gives the best results, although cultivation in a warm sheltered place outdoors in our climate is also possible. Tomatoes should be placed in the fruit bowl and - certainly this jewel - not in the fridge.
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Tipo impianto: Vegetable seeds, Vegetable
Fiori nel mese di: Luglio, Agosto, Settembre, Ottobre
Mese di piantagione Marzo, Aprile, Maggio
Mese pianta sotto vetro: No
Altezza 60 cm e più
Tipo di prodotto: Orto, Semi
Pezzi per scatola 45
Disponibile da 01/01 - 31/12