Tomato Pink Brandywine

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Tomato Pink Brandywine
Brandywine is a famous and historical variety from the Anabaptist 1885 period and is named after the Brandywine River in Pennsylvania. The fruit is ready for harvest after about 80 days when it is greeny-orange and ripens after that to an uncommon pinky-red colour. It is a beefsteak tomato weighing some 300-400 grams with a delicious, old-fashioned tomato taste. Greenhouse cultivation gives the best results and is otherwise similar to the other tomato varieties. Pluck the leaves and remove side shoots in time to prevent disease. By cultivating the Pink Brandywine, you will have something very special with, in particular, an unforgettable superb flavour.
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Tipo impianto: Verdure, Vegetable seeds
Fiori nel mese di: Luglio, Agosto, Settembre, Ottobre
Mese di piantagione Marzo, Aprile, Maggio
Mese pianta sotto vetro: No
Altezza 60 cm e più
Tipo di prodotto: Orto, Semi, Anche all'interno
Pezzi per scatola 45
Disponibile da 01/01 - 31/12